Best BD-R brand for Liteon Writer?

I have a Liteon iHBS112 blu-ray writer. What's the best brand of disks for this? I guess some brands work better on certain burners.

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  1. You have to remember that not all optical discs are created equal. There are some really poor brands out there with poor quality-control which suffer from write errors more than others, no matter what drive they are used on (especially those "bargain" bulk packs).

    My advice is first try the brand that gets most praise for quality, and that's Verbatim.
    Across the board for all types of optical disc they are a well respected brand.
    I always buy mine from Amazon as they are rarely seen in high-street stores and I refuse to buy the only brands that shops have.
  2. Verbatim and memorex.
  3. Optical Quantum @ 4x has worked well for me. Not a single coaster. Although the drive does not seem to like reading blank DVD+/-R Media, just BDR or CDR.
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