ASUS EAH4850/HTDI/1G hangs pc when gaming! Does yours?

Hi all,

Just curious if any of you have had the same issue and I am currently experiencing???
I sent an email a while ago to ASUS tech support about problems with my video card.

The problem I originally had was that during game play (Battlefield Bad Company2) when the game got very “full on” with battles happing right in front of me my screen would go black but I was still able to hear all the action going on in the game. The screen would then say “no signal “then after 2 -3 seconds the games graphics would come back again. This might happen 3 - 4 times in a single round of multiplayer. When I did exit out of the game altogether a message box was waiting on the desktop saying the following- “VPU Recovery has reset your graphics accelerator as it was no longer responding to graphics driver commands!”
I got some feedback from ASUS and nothing they suggested worked. ASUS suggested that I update my drivers and Bios from their website for the card and the motherboard. I did with the latest and it seemed to fix it for about 6 days then I got slightly different problems start up!

I now have-

When playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 or doing video editing and the game freezes or the editing program and I can still hear all of the sounds like before happening in the back ground but my screen is frozen and white.
The screen will after a while show a blue back ground like the windows blue screen of death and I get the message." VPU Recovery has reset your graphics accelerator as it was no longer responding to graphics driver commands" "Please tell ATI Technologies about this problem". Like before but now on the blue screen!
I click "Don't Send" and then the screen goes completely black and I get a “no signal” from the monitor come up!
While the screen is still black I still have the game sounds going on in the back ground.
The screen comes to life and goes back to the game but the frames rate stops and starts on the game for about 3- 10 seconds then goes back to normal. When the pc unlocks itself when entering back into the game it tries to go to 1440 x 900 resolution not 1680 x 1050 as originally set.
This issue happens about 4 - 5 times over a 30 minute period. The “graphics time out” gets longer and longer each time it locks up. Finally the computer tries to reset and then locks up totally.
I have to manually restart the pc.
I have re installed windows since my last issue and it was fine for a while as the card had the stock drivers that came with it when I bought it on the setup disk. It lasted 3 days on these configs and then stared failing again.
I have not run any updates apart from this one "8.741.0.0” from the ATI website 4 weeks ago after being instructed to by ASUS tech support. When I loaded the latest driver the card is now very unstable and locks up more frequently.
Asus have since replaced the card via RMA and I have installed the new card and it’s the same issue. I have downgraded the driver to 8.661.0.0 and it worked for 2 hours before completely locking up my pc.
I tried disabling VPU to see if it would make any difference and it completely locks up the pc.

I think that maybe my BIOS or Drivers on the motherboard are causing the issue because this all started when I upgraded everything 5 months ago and 2 months after that the issues started.
Anyone got any ideas??

Asus Maximus II Formula 775. * Intel E8500 Dual Core running @ 3.2Gig * Kingstone DDR2 1333Mhz = 4Gig * Asus EAH4850/HTDI/1G Graphics card * Windows XP32bit Serv Pack2 *500Watt P/S
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  1. What is that "500Watt" PSU? Please provide brand and model. If it is a Chokemax, it may not be able to hold up its end of the log under heavy demand, and +12V wandering out of spec may be crashing your GPU.
    Also, how are your temps? Does your case have good airflow through it, i.e. front-to-back and/or bottom-to-top, with intake and exhaust at least somewhat balanced?
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