Ping Spikes [FIXED]

Hi everyone, i've been having an problem with my internet when playing games that has been unresolved for about 6 months now..
Whenever i'm playing a game, most noticeably Bad Company 2 or Mount & Blade: Warband i'd watch my ping in the scoreboard carefully spike from under 100ms to 300+ms and back down quickly, slow enough though for me to notice the spike in the gameplay.

The things I have done so far are:
* Line quality tests @ [...] 7472?r=439
* Ping tests @
* Speed tests @
* Disabled Punkbuster in services.msc
* Disabled Bonjour (Apple service) in services.msc
* Toggled TCPOptimizer settings from Default to Optimized, no change, changed back to Default to be safe.
* Ran NetLimiter to see what is potentially using up bandwith causing ping spikes (found nothing)
* Updated my motherboard's BIOS
* Updated my Realtek 8111C LAN driver
* Updated my audio drivers
* Directly connect my modem to my LAN network card (faster internet speed but ping spikes still constant)
* Tweaked my "autotuning settings" (
* Tweaked my NIC's settings in Device Manager
* Switched my ethernet cables (Cat5e)
* Virus scan with Comodo, Avira, and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. Found nothing unusual.
* Disabled anti-virus and firewalls when playing in-game, results still did not differ.
*Upgraded to Windows 7 64-Bit

Things I have yet to do to try and solve the ping spike problem:
* Tweak Hard Drive settings in Device Manager
* Buy a new Gigabit Network Switch to be aquire Gigabit speeds (If that'll do anything for the ping)
* Buy a new Hard Drive
* Upgrade to 4 GB of RAM
* Buy a new Intel Pro CT 10/100/100 NIC (LAN Port) -"I've got my best hopes on this to solve it"
* Re-install Windows 7 in 32-Bit and start fresh again.. -"Last resort and most unlikely to solve the issue as even reverting to Windows XP didn't work"

Test results :

My computer hardware is as listed:
Gigabyte MA770-UD3 rev 2.0 *Motherboard
AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE @ 3.2Ghz Stock Speed *CPU
3 GB DDR2 667Mhz Kingston *Memory
XFX HD 5750 1GB 700Mhz 1150Mhz *Graphics Card
D-Link WBR-1310 rev D * Router
1280x1024 Acer LCD *Monitor
Windows 7 32-Bit *OS

Can anyone help me? Any suggestions, im open to take all the help I can get please!
This is the first time this problem has occured to me and it's quite unusual!

Sincerely Chris,
Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas by the way!
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  1. Fixed my own problem, it was the cable splitter that splits what runs from my modem and television to the outlet. I seperated them and directly connect my splitter, typed "netsh winsock reset" in Safe Mode with Networking, reset my computer and the ping spikes that burst from 21ms to 900+ms when pinging vanished. What a miracle Shaw tech support has done for me, gaming is a go again!
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