Need advice on upgrade....

So I want to upgrade my PC at christmas and I have around £150 to upgrade

Really I onyl want to play F2P FPS games without constant lags, from my crappy PC.....

So This is what I have so far

ECS GF8100-M5 (AM2+) and (AM3)

Sempron LE-1300 ( :( )

2GB matching Samsung DDRII 800MHz

580 WATT PSU, with no PCIE connectors

Geforce 8600

so you can see my pc is crap, and needs to be upgraded

so I have £150 in all

can anyone sugest what to get?

I was thinking of getting AMD X3 440 + GEFORCE GT240...

But I need advice....

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  1. Any help here pls?
  2. Yes your PC is crap. You need a new GPU and CPU as you've identified. I'm not sure the motherboard will support an AM3 socket CPU. BEst thing to do is go to the manufacturers website and see if they have a BIOS flash to support the Athlon IIx3 440.

    Also you'll need to get some adapters for your PSU to power the GT240 GPU, since you list it as having no PCIE connectors.
  3. k thanks for the reply, yeah like i stated my mobo manufatcure does have a flash for the latest AMD CPU's (up to the newest x6 series)

    and do I need anything more powerful? than a GT240

    I lonly play games like Combat arms, and games like that....
  4. I think going from an 8600 to a 240 will make you happy. Whats your monitor resolution?
  5. I need a Nvidia graphica card... thanks tho :)

    my monitor is 1240 - 1024
  6. Then a GT240 should be perfectly fine for that. 1240x1024 is pretty easy on graphics cards.
  7. So games will pretty much be lag-less, on max settings..?

    ty for the reply :)
  8. GTS 450 is nvidia. And you can use any PCIe card on that mobo.
  9. SO a AMD X3 440 and gt240?
  10. I think that will be exactly what you need.
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