Best VGA solution for 1000$ budget

what is the best VGA solution for 1000$ budget ?
fps n tesselation are important to me
i wanna play crysis at 2560 1600 resolution with all settings on very high...
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  1. GTX480 SLI. But that would overshoot your budget.
  2. Actually at those resolutions I would recommend one of the SOC 1GB GTX460's in SLI, of course (Gainward, Palit, eVGA, MSI). See, I just saved you ~550$...
  3. What about the rest of your system?
    Tell us your full specs...
  4. gtx 460's in sli will be the best price/performance, 5850's in xfire will be a bit beefier but probably not worth the extra cost as you could go 470's in SLI at that pricepoint
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    For the $1000, the absolute fastest solution will be SLI GTX 480s
  6. I was looking at some ATI's for your but since tessellation is imp, your best bet would be 2x 480's/ 3x 470's.

    P:S: Did anyone happen to come across this mother???
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