Bit off an odd question...

But are all CPU's the same physical shape and size?

Like all Intel chips are the same and all AMD chips are the same?
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  1. Nope, they change pretty significantly depending on the socket, LGA 775 CPUs are significantly different shaped from an AM3 CPU or an LGA 1366 CPU.

  2. just wondering...its never really popped up anywhere. I've only ever Seen with my own eyes my C2Q chip. just curiosity really
  3. Check out the different reviews of CPUs. They might include a shot of the chip. Some CPUs are covered by an Integrated Heat Spreader (IHS) so you can't see the size of the die, but you can see how "large" the chip might be. If you're really curious.
  4. i might just see if i can find a video on how there made and what not...would be rather fun in some odd way.

    thanks guys =D
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