Which 1156 socket MB would you choose?

A friend of mine gets a free chip from intel every year, and this year he got the i5-680 clarkdale. He doesn't need it, so lucky me, he gave it to me.

Now I have the dilemma of finding a decent motherboard that has pretty good OC capabilities for $130 or less. After countless hours researching, it seems like an impossible feat. If would be forever indebted to someone who gives me a good suggestion on which motherboard to go with. Thanks.
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  1. sell it on ebay and buy a socket 1155 cpu.
  2. That would be a good option yes, but Intel has a strict policy of re-selling free employee merchandise, so I'd rather not risk my friend getting in trouble. he STRICTLY told me not to sell it. Soo I'm kinda stuck with this CPU.
  3. Make that CPU "Go away" and find yourself a 1155 socket motherboard and CPU.

    However, you seem to have been "Issued" a CPU... eh... how much do you value that friendship?
  4. Plenty of Intel 1156 MoBo's at Newegg for your price.
  5. Yeah, there are a good amount to choose from. They all seem more or less the same though, am I right?
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