Toshiba 1tb asking me to format

pls my toshiba 3.0 usb 1tb is not showing in any computer. it only asks me to format the disk. pls i need any1 that can help. my email is REDACTED - SS. because i have alot of things on it.i cant afford to format it plsssssss
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  1. First of all, we do not provide help or advice by email because that would defeat the whole point of having a forum to share problems and solutions.

    Secondly, you should never save files on only one drive if you can't afford to lose them. They should be saved on at least two separate storage devices because all hard drives fail sooner or later, as yours appears to have done.

    However, it may be that the drive is okay and only the SATA-to-USB converter board has failed inside the enclosure. In that case, remove the hard drive from it and put it into a third-party hard drive enclosure. That might fix your problem.
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