Radeon 5670

how does this card compare with others, for example the 5570 and 5750. If possible, also include some idea of relative cost.

In anticipation thanks for the help
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  1. The 5670 is better than the both versions of the 5570 (the one with GDDR3 and the other with GDDR5). It's somewhat equal or close to the "old" Nvidia 9800GT in therms of performance, but uses lot less power and exhaust lot less heat. Plus the card has DX11 capabilities. It's slower than the 5750 (it's not a very big difference). It costs 99$ (you may find lower prices), while the 5750 costs 130-140$.
  2. It performs just below an HD 4770 on average which performs just above a 9800 GT. The HD 4770 performs just below an HD 5750.
  3. The 5750 beats both 5670 and 5570 and they all support DX 11. Only thing though is 5670 and 5570 don't require extra power and the 5750 does and it cost about $30-$40 more.

    You get what you pay for sorta.
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