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Is it possible to build a computer that can run COD MW2 on max settings for around $650? Also to include the ability to crossfire the video cards?
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  1. Not max settings. The capability to cross fire? Yes, but not enough money to buy two video cards worth it. If you want to max settings, then double the budget in $US.
  2. actually, it probably is. depending on what you need.

    do you have a monitor? mouse and KB? OS?

    if all you need is a tower, then yes you could. since MW2 is not very demanding.
  3. Lol MW2... you dont need that much power to play that on max...
  4. A 5770 can play the COD:MW2 demo at high settings on a 1920x1080 monitor. That you can get on a $650 budget. It looks really good on high, IMO. The requirements and prices escalate rapidly going from high to max settings so you probably will have to go closer to $1000 if maxing out the settings is a requirement.
  5. really, an athlon II dual core and a 5770 would be fine to max out the game. Throw in a corsair vx450, a cheap motherboard and 2gb of RAM and you have a cheap buidl to max it out.

    But again, thats assuming the OP doesn't need a monitor or OS.
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