New Build 1500$

Hi options are as follows :-

Intel i7 930, a good mobo with 2 x 16 x crossfire/sli capability, corsair ram upto 6 gb, ati radeon 5850 overclocked edition ( opting for this because i want to get another one in few months for crossfire as the prices would be going down due to the launch of 6 series in few months), coolermaster 912 cabinet, corsair 750 or 800 watts psu, 23inch led montior, corsair h50 cpu cooler, samsung spinpoint 1 tb hd, 1 ssd 40 gb (opting for this so that i can keep my os on it to boost the pc performance)

Kindly suggest, can stretch my budget...just want to know how much it would cost me.

I would be buying the pc in around 10 days.
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  1. heres a gaming build i'd recommend

    cpu - core i5 760 $208.99
    motherboard - ASUS P7P55D-E Deluxe $239.99
    cooler - Noctua NH-D14 $89.99
    RAM - Mushkin Enhanced Redline 4GB 1600 mhz $114.99
    case - CM haf 912 $59.99
    HDD - Samsung spinpoint f3 1tb $74.99
    VGA - Asus hd 5850 directCu $289.99
    PSU - corsair hx750 $149.99
    SSD - Corsair force f40 40gb $124.99
    monitor - ASUS MS238H Glossy Black 23" 1920 x 1080 $199.99

    total - $1,553.90

    i gave you the best hd5850 and a motherboard that is great for overclocking and will be great for a crossfire build later on as well as sata 6 and usb 3. this is a tiny bit above your price range, but well worth it.
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    Something else to consider:

    CPU: Core i7 950 ($300)
    MOBO: Gigabyte UD3R ($210)
    RAM: G.Skill Pi Series 6 GB, 1600 MHz, CAS 7 ($160)
    PSU: Corsair 950TX ($120 after rebate)
    HDD: Samsung Spinpoint F3 500 GB ($55)
    GPU: 2 x GTX 460 1 GB ($400 for a pair of msi/ or was it gigabyte?)
    CASE: HAF 922 ($90)
    LED backlit Monitor: Samsung BX2335 has touch of red to match red lights on haf 922 ($217)
    CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212+ ($30 amazon)

    The total is $1582. It will outperform both builds in this thread in games by more than 2 times, but it sacrifices the ssd boot drive to accomplish this. Boot time won't be that bad on a system like this anyway, though. Personally, I'd take more frames in games. Check out this link to see how two 460s compares to two 5850s.

    The GPU configuration in the build above, you can see, outperforms $600+ configurations (5970 and 5850 CF), so it's an outstanding value.
  3. will take the sli into consideration, any more suggestion!!! :bounce:
  4. hmm atm i am looking at almost final config as follows :-

    intel i7 930 + msi x 58 pro-3 usb3

    corsair h50 cpu cooler

    coolermaster storm scout or coolermaster CM 690 II plus

    4x2 gb corsair dominator gt

    msi twin frozr II or msi 5850 oc version or sapphire vapor x 5850

    hx850 corsair psu

    Samsung spinpoint F3 1 tb

    Intel 40 gb ssd

    Artic silver 5 thermal compound

    May be put in some extra large size fans and a fan controller

    23" or 24" LED Monitor havent finalized on it.....need one opinion on it though does it being wide or square affects anything

    Guys tell me whats ur opinion abt this build and also whether shld i opt for gtx 470 instead of 5850 ati.

    Will be buying it in around 2 to 3 days... :bounce:
  5. The gtx 470 in SLI will scale better than two 5850s, so I'd go with that.

    You want to get triple channel memory with x58 setups, not dual-channel. Consider the 6 GB set in my previous post.

    Between those two, it's a toss-up, really. I have the storm scout's bigger brother and I'm happy with it, so go with that one maybe? It should fit most graphics cards. I think you can remove the HDD cage to put in extra long cards too, so the Scout should be fine.

    For a mild overclock, a Cooler Master Hyper 212+ will be more than sufficient. You'll save around $50 by getting this instead of the H50.

    You want a widescreen monitor to preserve the correct aspect ratio of your games and movies.
  6. could you just let me know if the storm scout or sniper has drive bay for ssd, because the other coolermaster cm 690 II plus has a drive bay for that.

    Plus for gtx 470 could you tell me what brand should i go for, i am thinking of msi as i am opting for msi mobo.

    triple channel memory can u suggest me any corsair one if u know any may be upto 12 gb.
  7. if you want an SSD drive make sure its at least 120gb....i guess 80gb would do....but if youre just putting an OS on it it is 100% useless you need to be able to put your OS+1/2 of your most played games on it then have at least 50% of the drive left over for it to be a performance boost if not its a waste of money.
  8. is there a reason you want an i7 build over an i5 or AMD? other then wasting money? unless you are doing some serious coding or things that need hyperthreading theres no point on an i7 just got i5 or Phenom II
  9. I7 is better for multi-Gpu setups if he decides to go that route. With $1500, there's not really a reason to downgrade.
  10. yah atm i am planning on getting a gtx 470....and another one in few was thinking of getting an i7 930...wont the i5 bottleneck the gpu
  11. I'm not expert, I took advice from others I here and went w/ the i5 with the 470, I also am planning on putting a 2nd 470 with it in about 3 months.
  12. ohk.....btw could u tell me what brand did u bought of gtx 470 and will be 850 watts psu be enough for sli
  13. basically almost all new CPUS dont bottlekneck GPUs nemore

    Phenom IIs

    basically some of the older dual cores CAN bottlekneck GPUS but most dont
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