Coolermaster HAF X & Corsair H70 Cooler

Hello Guys
I'm wondering if the Corsair H70 will install naturally outside or partly outside the Coolermaster HAF X case?
Do I have to mod the HAF X, cutting through the case etc.?

Any of you guys have any suggestions? Or should i just buy a different cooler? I don't mind the noise of the H70 according to the reviews, but I'm hesitant to buy it because I'm concerned of installing it inside the HAF X regarding better or ideal temps of the other components inside the case. Does it even matter at all if I install it totally inside?

If you have a case/cooler setup of the same type, could you post a link.
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  1. I have a H50 installed in a Coolermaster 932. The H70 was just coming out but no reviews yet so I went with the H50. It is similar to what you are looking at. All that I had to do was replace a rear case fan with the radiator of the H50 mounted in the inside of the case with no modification needed. Only had to worry about clearance between the rad and components on the mb.

    Some like reversing air flow by flipping the fan to maximize cool air across the rad. Either way, cooling not a prob with my 965 cpu

    Hope this helps...
  2. Because its a closed loop solution, you cannot disconnect the block from the radiator so it has to be installed entirely inside the case, you cannot make use of the grommits on the back for water cooling to run through since you cannot disassemble the H50 or H70.
  3. Unless you want to drill a hole big enough to fit the radiator through, you will be forced to mount inside the case. I use an h50, and the only thing I had to do to fit it in my case was to mount a fan between the case and the radiator, because my antec 900 does not have the proper clearance to fit the radiator directly to the back 120 mount.
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