Radeon HD 4670.

Hello is there really any difference between 4670 5670/5570 card? My 4670 has been decent to me. Ive had it for couple years but i cant find a chart that shows it. Im a moderate/budget gamer. Although i want a step up card from 4670. Or mabey theres not really a 100$ card that performs better right now?
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  1. Basically....

    HD 5570 = HD 4670
    HD 5670 = HD 4670 + 25% more performance (on average)
    HD 5670 < HD 4770

    Based on the following, there is hardly any performance difference between a HD 5670 512MB and HD 5670 1GB. So don't waste money on the extra VRAM:

  2. Take a look at this: HD4870 1GB
  3. thanks!
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