8500gt past a windows experience score of 4.8?

I finally installed my new GIGABYTE GA-G31M-ES2L 775 G31 RT I bought for 50 bucks. I put a q6600 g0 version core 2 quad in the mobo that I picked up in philly for 100 bucks. And I also bought a PSU COMPUCASE|X-POWER PRO 600 RT for 50 bucks. I kept my 4 gigs of kingston ddr2 ram from the old setup. So, for 200 bucks, I have my computer oc'd at 2.6ghz, and im obviously not stopping there, i just simply cranked it up with no problem or temperature increase whatsoever right after install. I have a windows experience of 5.9 on everything except my xfx nvidia geforce 8500gt. The graphics score is at 4.8, while gaming graphics is at 5.2. I have rivatuner installed, but I'm not sure what settings to use to optimize windows aero or how to increase my score. I have my graphics card overclocked with use of rivatuner, but I honestly dont know what I'm doing. The temp is still at 71c, so I know im not doing anything harmful, but I dont wanna fry the thing either. Any tips or advice would be super appreciated. Thanks all.

p.s. I am playing dragon age origins on the highest settings, and it looks great, no lag....... no problems. Oh, and please don't reply by telling me I need a new graphics card. That is not an answer to my question.

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  1. Hey just don't always care about the windows experience score...i don't give a damn about what it's showing...just see the difference in your games if it's working good then it's just fine...and my friend having an nvidia 9300 igp that's really slow compared to your card was getting the windows experience score in gaming of don't care what it shows...just play your games and enjoy.
  2. Like rocky said. If it works well, why worry?

    Maybe RivaTuner is messing with it, who knows. If DAO runs that great i wouldn't worry :)
  3. WEI is a joke, dont put too much stock into it...
  4. Highest setting?
    What resolution did you play at?

    Anyway, WEI is a crap, never trusted that thing... :)
  5. highest res i get is 1600 x 900 i think. I also run it on my hdtv at 1024 or whatever. Im at work so ill have to get back on exact resolutions. Either way, I maxed out all the settings. At first I had things set around medium, like frame rates and shading and such. ran like junk. so i lowered settings and it ran even worse. so i maxed all settings available to me. looks amazing now. I need to know a good benchmarking program for beginners. something simple so i can learn the whole idea of benchmarking, rather than just read about it. I understand that the basic concept is pretty simple, but I dont know all the specific terms and tests. Need a program that won't get too involved, just kind of like a guide.

    One more thing: Any good pc games that are "scary"? Like zombies and stuff? I would prefer a 3rd person shooter, 1st person shooter, and action rpg in that order. once again, I appreciate the help.
  6. Play dead space , resident evil 4&5, l4d etc.
  7. L4d = left for dead (fyi) every fun game

    Like a number of other posters have said Windows experience score is a poor tool to gage how power full your computer is.

    I over clocked my old 8500 gt(512 mb), it handled most modern games on low-medium settings with a solid frame rate.

    Just wondering why do you want a benchmarking program? Do you want to learn it for fun or are you trying to get some serious information out of it?
  8. just for fun for now. I want to upgrade my graphics card, but i like to screw around with hardware that I know i am replacing first so I know what to expect and how to manipulate it before I try the same things on a better or more expensive piece of hardware. played the l4d, played the resident evil 5 (hated that game. no where near as cool as the first 3). how is res evil 4? ill give dead space a whirl. I also posted this question in a different thread, but whats a good gaming controller patch? I got a virus on the last downloaded patch, so im gonna make sure i go with a trusted one this time. and yeah, the freakin virus even made it through mcaffee!
  9. Resident evil 4 is even better than the 5th one with great story mode and more difficult. It's included in every list of best game ever and even the best by many of them.
    But it doesn't have mouse controller and that's why you have to download it's patch ...
    i downloaded the same patch a week ago and it worked fine.
  10. hey rocky, where can i find the patch?
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  12. thanks a ton. big help
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