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hi i want to know about performance 1tb hdd plz suggest i want new one i need it for serious gaming i want one that doesnt slow down if copying something i mean multitasking and which brand is good seagate wd or else thnx
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    Western Digital Black. Best for your purpose....
  2. Western Digital Black Series is for Power Computing as suggested above.

    Now, if you really want a real improvement in performance, then get yourself a SSD! :)
  3. The Seagate Barracuda 1Tb should be a similar drive as well, and is cheaper.

    One thing to think about, it the seagate is only a 2 year warranty, and the WD Black is a 5 year warranty. You'll need to decide if it's worth the $25 difference.
  4. thnx for replies i dont need anything abt warrant just performance and wd black is 2000rupees expensive thn seagate tell the exact per. dffrnce plz i mean tranfer rate like one drive to another which has fast rate thnx
  5. Load times are a very SMALL part of the gaming experience.

    As for MULTITASKING, you'd be best with an SSD for Windows if possible. If it's not in the budget, yes a single 1TB WD Black is a good drive (read my summary for my caveat though), however the 3TB Seagate is also a very good drive (as a second drive; 3TB is problematic as your ONLY drive).

    My general recommendation for people goes like this:

    Drive #1:
    128GB SSD (Windows and applications)

    Drive #2:
    1TB or greater Hard Drive (STEAM GAMES, Windows drive backup, multimedia)

    - I DOWNLOAD to my SSD then anything I keep I transfer to the large Hard Drive (Prevents hard drive having to constantly spin up when I'm on the net)

    - I have all my games on a 3TB Seagate drive. This works very well. I have a "STEAM" folder and a separate "GAMES" folder for non-Steam games.

    - If you have a Seagate or WD drive, you can get the free Acronis True Image software from their site (I think Seagate has it named differently)
    *Make an initial backup that you always keep

    - if you buy an SSD you can CLONE your existing OS to it.

    - if you get an SSD, update the firmware

    - the SEAGATE drive I mentioned also has newer firmware

    - WD 1TB Black is fine, but maybe not best value
    - Seagate 3TB drive is quite fast (don't forget that a Hard Drive is faster on the outer edge. If a 1TB is near full, the inner files are about HALF the performance as the outer; the 3TB is the same, however at 1TB usage performance is all still very high.)

    - SSD (Windows/apps) + HDD (games, mass storage, backups)
    - flash firmware on SSD (HDD if available)

  6. so basically no dfrnce btwn seagte and wd 7200rpm?and wat is 7200.12 and7200.14
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    Seagate is fine. The 12 and 14 are just firmware revisions. Will not make much difference for your purpose. Just make sure it's 7200 rpm....
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