Best internal hdd for DVR?

I'm looking to set up a whole home solution where I can record TV to a quality Hard Drive ( located in a dedicated media PC) and can then I can stream the content to different tv's / computers in the house. I have worked out everything and now the last thing I need to buy is a high capacity (2 or 3 TB) dedicated hard drive that is geared for use solely as a DVR. Does anyone have any successes, failures, or other recommendations as to the best Brand / Model Hard Drive.

*In the future, if this is successful, I'll probably get a Home NAS, but for now I want the new HD to be located in the media PC.

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  1. I suggest Western Digitas Green or red drives as this is there main point in life to be storage and low power which is good as it will always be on. I have a raid 0 of 2 2TB green drives im my media server and it has been wonderful. I used the raid 0 for the speed so 3 or 4 people can be streaming movies music or whatever off this setup with no lag. 1 drive would be fine depending on network speed and quality of you dvr/media.

  2. WD also makes a decent A/V drive made for 24/7 A/V usage.
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