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New CPU wont post

Check it out, I have an AMD 6000 X2 dual core processor in an ECS Nforce 4ma mobo, put in a new Athlon II X4 630 and pc wont post. Tried to download a bios update but everytime I tried to install it, computer says it has onboard bios. Everytime I put the AMD dual core back in the pc, it boots right up. Put the new processor back in it wont post. I put in a new PSU Ultra LSP 550, its has Win 7 64 bit, 8 gigs and a EVGA 240 GT. BTW the mobo is AM2 and the new CPU is AM3. Please dont tell me Im gonna have to wait unrill I get a new mobo, cant get one right now. Any Ideas, Help.
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  1. That CPU is not compatible with socket AM2 only AM2+ and AM3.
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    whooleo said:
    That CPU is not compatible with socket AM2 only AM2+ and AM3.

    Actully, Any AM3 cpu can work on an AM2 socket along with AM2+. The issue here though it the Motherboard Bios does not support it and it most likely will not support it due to the age of it.

    Now to prove my point about AM3 cpu's on AM2

    We All know AM2 came out in May 2006.

    Well there a motherboard from gigabyte that was released before AM2+ came around.

    Now it says AM2, AM2+, and AM3 support so some might say it's AM2+ socket but if you google this motherboard,

    It shows review links that date back to around 2006 for the version 1.0 which was before the AM2+ socket was launched.

    So thats how i can prove that Am2 is able to run Am2+ and AM3.

    (sorry if this is a little harsh. Had to pull out all the info i had on someone saying the same thing and was not believing me not to long ago. [:huntluck] It took somebody else with an working AM2 motherboard with an AM3 cpu to get the story straight.)

    In any case though, It the bios preventing the cpu from working.

    All i can say is, return the cpu or buy a new motherboard that can run it. Those are your only options.
  3. Thanks warmon6, cant return CPU so guess Ill have to eventually purchase a new mobo. Wish I had known this before I purchased it, oh well. Some of these stores wont take the return after they have been opened or used, but will replace if defective. Thanks for the info. Ill put it up until I puchase a new mobo ASUS preferably.
  4. Dadiggle thanks for reminding me, I forgot about Asrock AM3s, you know how us PC gamers when we cant get things to work right in our rigs, your right, Ive seen some nice mobos from them. I guess its time to research or look around for a purchase. Thanks for the reminder.
  5. Dadiggle, thanks I will be looking in to those boards.
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