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I've had this HDD for a while now and it shows up as a 596GB HDD and i have noticed that the storage keeps on filling up 20GB+ a time when i'm not doing anything. It's my steam/game HDD and if i select everything in the main directory it totals 335GB however on my computer it says 80GB Free of 596GB Which means 180GB is lost somewhere?

I would be great full if anybody could shed some light on this.

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  1. Have windows explorer show you all system and hidden files in the directory.

    Have you defragged the drive recently?
  2. Download WinDirStat, that should tell you what's taking up the extra space.
  3. I have it so that the hidden folders/files are shown, so they should appear. And it has been defragged recently and is at 0% fragmentation.

    I'll download that program and see if it helps.
  4. Ok so on there it says exactly the same that 336.3GB is present on the HDD, windows explorer however still shows it as having 80GB left..
  5. Empty recycle bin?
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