Help with my Logitech G390 headset, windows 7

Hello, I just bought the logitech G390 headset and it's working great but I got one issue. The headset is working for the most part, but when it comes to ventrilo I have a problem. The microphone portion works and picks up my voice but It won't play it back. I can't hear anyone talk not even myself or the ventrilo sounds. The headset works flawlessly for skype, itunes, and the internet when it comes to sound and recording. I just don't understand why when I select the headset as the default output device I just dont hear anything. I even see on my sound panel that the headphones light up like the sound is being played back but I just don't hear anything. Can someone help me please? I have been trying to fox this for a while now.
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  1. Did you click on "listen to this device"?

    right click sound icon on bottom right corner>recording devices>double click the microphone>go to listen tab>select "listen to this device"

    Also for playback device below it, select your USB headphone.
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