Old Sata1 HDD not recognized in Bios if mixed with Sata2 drives

I have an old sata1 HDD (Seagate ST3200822AS) that want to hook up to new M/B (ASUS P8B75V) to get back some files. The problem is I can't get it recognized in BIOS if running alongside other newer Sata2/3 HDD.

I have one WD 1TB at Sata3 port, one 500GB Seagate HDD and DVDROM at Sata2 port. If the old Sata1 drive was connected to any Sata2 port, it won't show up and boot time to Windows is significantly longer.

The only way I can make it work is to connect sata1 HDD to the only Sata3 port. It then gets recognized but will be unallocated in Windows.

I can confirm cables and power are fine. Can anyone advise on how to get my old drive to play nice with other??

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  1. You could stuff your old HDD into an external enclosure (USB) and avoid this issue altogether. Something like this:


    This would allow you to keep your system intact and give you an external drive for other uses as well.
  2. This is a option i want to consider. If possible i still want to run in inside the case. Less cable clutter.

    Since it's not the drive or the cables, i think the HDD controller is to blame then?
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