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Hey guys and gals. Quick question for ya! I have recently upgraded my CPU to the Athlon II X4. My Idle temp is normally around 33C. After I play L4D2 and CODBO for a few hours the temp hits about 38C. Am I running good temps? ;)
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  1. Check your load temps, idle temps are far more susceptible to tiny changes in load and ambient temperature and dont affect anything, its the load temps that you want to keep an eye on. Use something like HW Monitor that will record the max temp you hit while you are gaming and post that.
  2. Will do!
  3. When you do get all that these are what your specs say
    Voltages 0.850-1.425V
    Max Temps (C) 62
    Wattage 140 W
    These are the manufactures' numbers. You can probably push them some but anything over these numbers will shorten the life of your components.
  4. Is there anyway I can get a shot of the screen and post it?
  5. Take the screen shot with CTRL+Print Screen, paste it into paint, upload that image to image shack, post the link image shack gives you here.
  6. My max temp hits 39C. I can't get it higher than that. This is with 3 hours of Black Ops and 1 Hour of L4D2.
  7. K Thanks much guys!
  8. 39C at load is pretty damn good, you are going to be hard pressed to get it much below there and it doesnt much matter as long as you keep it below the mid 60s. You seem to have a lot of thermal headroom so go OC that sucker!
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