SX2800-01 in Antec 300 case

This is a really simple question any answer (even if unsure) would be very helpful!

Hello, I currently have a sx2800-01 and I am looking to buy a Antec 300 case for it so I can upgrade the PSU and Graphics card.

I know very little about cases and I was wondering how it will fit, people on this forum have used this case for this model but it does not seem to fit, specifically the graphics card (top right of motherboard) Will a antec 300 case work? Or am I just misinformed/misunderstanding. It just does not look like it would fit, would I be able to get full size graphics card with this case (compared to the low profile i have been using)?

Thank you so much for the help, I really did try searching for myself.

I felt bad not adding pictures

This is the sx2800-01:

This is the case i'm looking to buy:

Thank you so much

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    the only thing that really matters is that the motherboard you have is standard micro-atx form factor. im not sure if that one is...
  2. alright well I learned a bit more about cases and I believe it will fit. Thanks for the help, one other question, will any psu that fits the case work, Or do I need to worry about anything? (specifically amount of cords) Sorry about the noob question, I really am trying to learn without having to ask.
  3. any atx psu should do (just not the first ones ever made like 10yrs ago) for you, but stick to a quality brand like seasonic, corsair, antec, ocz, nzxt, cilverstone, etc
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  5. Figured I would update everyone that ever has my same question.

    The hardware fit in the new case without any problems and was a very easy move. (first time dealing with hardware other than a graphics card addition). The old psu did not fit in (incase someone is wondering) I have a 500 watt psu arriving tomorrow. By the way the sx2800-01 completely owns, it was cheap and have never had a real problem with it, + pretty high end for over a year old.

    The sx2800-01 is a micro atx so should fit any case that supports a micro-atx.
  6. Could you take some pictures of the pc in the new case? thanks!
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