Please review this system component list. Need your opinion.

(posted on homebuild too- didn't know which one would be most read)

This is my first build. It's my "dream computer". I'm only a light gamer. I don't expect to do OC, but the option is nice. I'll use it for everyday stuff too, but will do some HD video editing for home use and multi track recording.

I'm building for speed yet quiet.
I know this system may be overkill, (980x), but I have a nice size budget, and figure more is better than less. My theory is it shouldn't get outdated as fast, and I will always be happy with it's performance.

Please review this list and let me know if you see something really wrong with my direction. I'm not opposed to saving money, but I don't want to be disapointed later either.


Case: Lian Li PC-7FN
Mobo: Asus P6X58D-E
CPU: i7 980X
CPU Cool: Noctua NH-U12DX
GPU: Sapphire Vapor-x 5870
HDD: Seagate Bar. XT ST32000641AS (2T) - for storing data.
PWR: Cooler Master Silent Pro M700
SDD: Crucial C300 CTFDDAC064MAG - 64GB for program files (fast boots)
RAM: Patriot Viper II sec 7 12GB (4GBx3)
Card Rdr: HP AR941AA
BR Burner: HP bd340i
Wnds 7
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  1. Nice system. I would use W7 Pro. Whichever you choose, be sure to install 64-bit W7 or you will not be able to use more than ~3.5GB of memory.
  2. well as it is from what i understand CPUs arent the bottleneck for any GPU's so id get a cheaper CPU and if u wanna go super hardcore get a 5970 or for ur prices TBH just get a 480 or a 470....also no need at all for 12gb of ram....nothing uses more then 4gb......stick with 6gb since its tri channel
  3. just doesnt make sense to get an extreme processor prob running u almost 1000$ and to not get a better GPU.....
  4. Thanks.
    That's what my head was saying. But I kept telling myself to not compromise. I'll look at lowering the CPU and getting a better GPU.

    What's the CPU that you recommend?

    Would it be better to go with two 5870's or less, or one 5970 or 480?
  5. well
    1) how soon till you plan on buying?
    2) do you want to crossfire or sli right now or in the future

    based on your #2 answer you can get a better idea for what card to get....but to be honest like everyone is saying wait for the new 6850's to come out then decide because their release will affect prices a lot.

    if money isnt a HUGE issue you can prob just go with a i7 920....and just overclock it yourself.
  6. Looks like Oct. 18th will be the release of the new 6850's. I can wait till then to see how the prices shake out.
    Should I run with Crossfire now? or just get the best single GPU I can afford?
  7. what resolution you going to be running on and what size? u dont got a monitor listed there.

    if its an HD monitor running at 1920x1080 you can sit with one card for now if u get a GOOD one then add later on as needed if you need. if the 6850 is worth it I dont know yet.

    but if your gonna stick with 1 card go with a 470 or far as i understand Nvidia SLI's better then most ATI's crossfire...u can get a 5850 then get a 2nd later (as of now the 5970 isnt worth it maybe when the 6850's go on the market might be an option)
  8. I have a 26" LG 1920x1200.
    I plan to upgrade to two in the future.
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