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hi everyone !

I may have the possibilities to change my comp in a few months (1-2) so I was checking on the net for the new parts and all.
I'm not that good with new parts so I come here and ask if everything will be ok. For the post I wasn't sure as to where to put it, so since one of the question I have is for the SSDs then here it is.

- ASUS Rampage 4 extreme
- Cooler Master Cosmos II
- Corsair Dominator Platinum 32 Go Quad channel
- Intel Core i7 3970x extreme
- Corsair Neutron GTX 240 go SATA3 (x2) (Raid 0 )
- Seagate Constellation ES.2 2TB SATA3 (x2) (Raid 1)
- EVGA GeForce 680 GTX FTW+ 4GB (x2) ( may be replaced by 1x 690 GTX but not sure)
- Corsair H100I CPU cooler

Question 1 : I thought about puting the 2 SSDs in RAID 0 for the system drive, but the problem is.... I don't know if the board support 2 SSD in RAID... I heard about some problems about having those kinda drive in RAID in it and wanted to ask if you guys can tell me if there is troubles or not or if there is something to do/buy to make it work in advance before buying it.

Question 2 : Since I'm not that familiar with building everything from scratch i wanted to know if it is possible to have 2 type of RAID at the same time ( SSD in RAID 0 + HDD in RAID 1) since 0 is better for performance gain and 1 is for data safety.

Question 3 : (will make it clear now since i totally forgot... I have a PSU that i will keep, so I dont have to buy a new one) For the video card, I've read about it a little, in term of performance I think that the 690 is as good as 2x 680, but not quite sure. The real question is, what will be best ? 1x 690 GTX, 2x 680 GTX, or is there something better in Radeon ?

Question 4 : I would like to know if there is some hidden problems with the Rampage 4 ? ( I got the Rampage 3 extreme for now and the only thing I found is that I can't install windows on 2 HDD SATA3 in RAID 0 )

This is it for the questions for now, thanks for taking the time to let me know all I need and decide on my next build. If I got some others things to ask I will come back here, if some of you need more info I'll come as often as I can.
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    Since this area of the Forum is for storage I will start with those.

    First off a little about SSD's. They physically are only able to do a fixed number of "read / erase" cycles before the memory cells are no longer able to accept more writes.

    Due to that limitation, there are certain functions built into the SSD firmware, the 2 I am interested in are called "Trim" and "Garbage Collection" these maintain the drives in a way that uses the least amount of Program / erase cycles when moving data.

    The reason I say that is following:

    RAID for SSD in anything *except* for the Z77 chipset disables these 2 functions!

    So, yes you can set the 2 SSD's in RAID 0, shave maybe 2 seconds off of your boot time, and shave time off of the longevity of your SSD's, or just install them as separate disks. You won't notice a performance difference, and you will allow your SSD's to perform as they were designed.

    (Coming from someone who has used SSD's in RAID 0, there is no noticeable difference)

    1: Yes, the boards supports it. If you really want RAID 0, I would suggest a high end Z77 board with an i7-3770K instead of the X79.

    2: Yes, it is possible. You may need to use the 2 separate SATA controllers though, I am not sure how Asus set it up. You may need Intel SATA for the 2 SSD's, and then put the 2 HDD's on the Marvell ports.

    3: The 690 is *almost* as good as 680's in SLI. The reason for "almost" is that they have to drop the clocks on the 690 in order to keep it cool enough for a single card. However, if you went with the 690 you wouldn't have any of the issues that come from SLI systems, and you can always drop another 690 in there in the future.

    4: Not that I am aware of. As with any RAID setup, you will have to install the RAID drivers while setting up windows. However as I posted earlier, I would suggest not using SSD's in RAID on that chipset.
  2. So if I understand correctly, the configuration I wanna use is quite good, so the only thing i could do is go for the 480 Go version instead of the 240 RAID one for the SSD and put the data drive in RAID 1 and I won't even know the difference ? nice.

    Oooh, and one thing I'm not so sure about, is the 690 a "dual" card like in the other series ? ( 4xx and 5xx) If yes, if the info I found is correct, the 480 in 4 way SLI is "eat" more power than 2x 690, then I would go for this option.

    Thanks for the info !
  3. Yes, that is the option I would go for. a single 480GB, and then dual HDD's in RAID 1 for redundancy.

    Yes, the 690 is a dual card similar to the GTX 590. And you are correct that quad 680's will use more power than dual 690's
  4. holy crap this rig is a beast. The extreme editions of intel cpu's are a complete waste of money. So unless you are wealthy I recommend just getting the regular i7 3930k and overclocking it since you have a good cooler.

    32gb of ram is complete overkill unless you have a specific program that eats a lot of ram. Usually 8gb is enough, but 16gb would be better to compliment this build.

    For the ssd, going raid will only increase performance a little and not really worth it.

    For the gpus an alternative is to go with the radeon 7970, but that is really just up to you.
  5. I'm more familiar with Nvidia than ATI, and i really wanna a overkill machine ^^; , but i wouldn't go for this beast if I didn't had this opportunity, well it may not work but I wanna stay tuned and be ready for it if I can have it.
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