Low fps on high end rig

So I've been playing now for 3 weeks on my new rig.

Intel core i5 750 // 4GB 16000MHz // 250GB HDD // ATi XFX HD5850

I've been playing some css on 640 x 480. all low details and I sometimes get below 90 fps in deathmatch, it can't possibly be true on a XFX 5850.
I've tested now Crysis demo and I had around 40 fps but there's motion blur so it didn't played that nice. Is it just CS:S which is doing annoying or what?
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  1. fps_max 500 & switching off vsync if you hadn't done so.
  2. At that res the gpu is hardly working. It is bound by the cpu, and the source engine is more about higher clocks than it is more cores. Try it on a higher res and see what kind of FPS you get.
  3. See the performance in higher resolution and then tell whether the card is fine or not.
  4. You know, some games do WORSE at low resolutions; I ran into this a few years ago...try at least 1024x768 and see if FPS changes.
  5. As others have said, the lower the resolution, the less your GPU works and the more your CPU works. You will get more FPS at higher resolutions (do a degree).
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