4 pin molex power from usb

Hi. I work with 2.5 sata drives a lot and am tired of opening my case each time. Is there a way to make a USB to 4 pin molex power connector? Maybe two USB connectors to get enough power, something like this. I would then use 4 pin to sata 15-Pin adapter to the drive, namely a WD2500BEKT. Would that provide enough juice to power the drive?
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  1. Thanks guys, all those are really great. But I already knew about them, and wanted to know if I could get enough power for the drive from the USB. If not, the external ac adapter was my plan B, but buying something pre-made is never as rewarding as when you solve a problem with a DIY!
  2. you can do something like this (sory its ugly it only took me a few minutes) :)

    (click it to make it bigger)
  3. The one I use is powered via usb.

    One end in the drive, other end in usb and away you go.

    This is also an option -
  4. shovenose said:
    you can do something like this (sory its ugly it only took me a few minutes) :)

    Thanks shovenose, I taught about doing it like that (5V to 5V and GND to GND), but where does that leave the 12v (yellow) in the molex? Can the drive still get power without it?

    AS for data, I already have a 3.5 bay with an external sata connector, so that's not a problem... and since my usage is mostly in DOS, I best avoid USB.
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    2.5 sata drives only need 5v
  6. Mine cost me £6 off eBay, arrived from Hong Kong 4 days later, job done. [:aford10:7]
  7. shovenose said:
    2.5 sata drives only need 5v

    Perfect!! I'll try it out right away. Thanks guys.
  8. I'm a little confused, I thought your OP said you wanted to connect your laptop drives to your PC via USB but you were trying to go usb to 4 pim molex then 4 pin molex to sata??

    Or have I got it wrong coz you then said you need to stay away from usb??

    Or is it that you just want to make your own rather than let someone in HK do it for you? :pt1cable: ? [:fixitbil:1]
  9. For data I've already got en external SATA port to connect my drives to. What I needed was external power, and that's why I wanted to go USB==>Molex==>SATA 15-pin.
  10. Exactly, thats why both my suggestions were powered by the usb cable, so I did understand.
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