Minidrive: Spinning up disk ... .not responding ...

I need to extract the data from a Western Digital (1 TB My Passport 0740) mini disk that started to fail
The disk does not even show when you run fdisk -l, so you can't even mount it to run smartctl on it
After opening it, I realized it had other types of connectors, but I can't identify what they are
Any hopes or tips to get the data?
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  1. The connectors on those drives are, as you've discovered, a proprietary type which conforms to neither IDE nor SATA, so you can't connect it either internally or in a different enclosure.

    That leaves only a specialist data recovery service, and you can probably imagine how expensive that would be.

    You probably don't need me to tell you that you should have put the data on two hard drives, not just one.
  2. Many WD users are reporting physical connections problems with the USB connector.
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