Windows 7 suddenly stopped booting because a HDD


I bought a new PC about 6 months ago and I never had any problem, everything worked perfectly until now.

I have 2 hard disks, one SSD Crucial m4 for the OS (Windows 7 64-bit) and another HDD Seagate Barracuda 2TB for data.

Yesterday Windows 7 installed some new updates, this morning when I tried to boot into the OS, I got stuck on the splash screen. After some research, when I disconnect my HDD, Windows 7 will load without any problem, the SSD is fine, but if I connect the data HDD, it won't load, I can't get into recovery mode, and my Windows 7 DVD won't load either, just because the HDD is connected.

If I get into the BIOS, I have the SSD in Sata 1, and the HDD actually appears in Sata 2, so it's there, but the SO won't load.

I don't really know much about hard disks but is my HDD broken just because a random Windows update? :cry:

By the way I tried connecting another HDD and it works fine so I don't know, it's just the Seagate Barracuda. I hope it's not fried...

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Bump with more info.

    After some more research, I was able to Enable the hot-plug in the SATA 2 port so I can plug my HDD once I'm in Windows, but as expected, I can't open it nor right-click it, even from the CMD. The system freezes and I have to restart again. :fou:

  2. The timing with the updates may be coincidental. If you have another PC or can use a friend's PC, I'd try putting the drive in there and see if it can be read.

    You can also try a different sata port and see if it shows up.
  3. Thanks for the reply,

    yeah it seems purely coincidental. After a succesful Chkdsk, the HDD seems broken, it just takes TOO long to load, 4 or 5 minutes, sometimes it just stops working when I try to access to the data. I'll do more tests with other PCs and try to recover the data and get another HDD.

    If anyone knows why the HDD takes so long to load, I'll be really grateful.

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