Monitor wont recognise pc

i built a new pc, specs:
mobo: asus p6t delux v2
cpu: intel core i7 930
gpu: ati 4890
ram: 6gb ddr3 ocz 1333
750w psu
normal hdd, normal dvd drive

the problem is my pc isnt being found on my monitor or tv, my antec 1200 case doesnt have any system speaker so im not even sure if its booting or not... any help people?
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  1. Do you have another video card to try in your system?

    That'd be my first wager is a bad video card.
  2. I don't own any other video card, the video card was brand new though but im going to take everything out of the case and see if it runs at bare minimum components, if all fails it looks like ill need to fork up another £120 for another graphics card, and if that fails then i guess i dont know what to do
  3. Since it's brand new, you can RMA it to get a replacement, right?
    Still on warranty, doesn't it?
  4. Problems is, I don't know what part(s) are faulty or not working, it all functions fine just doesnt get to the monitor fine, and there is no pc speaker or anything for it to beep and tell me whats wrong if u get what i mean
  5. Are you getting a post screen ? Bios info etc ? If the screen is displaying nothing at all then its too early to blame the GPU just yet. The monitor should at least display "No video signal" or something similar
    Check the obvious things first, are all the power cables/ monitor cables connected to every thing properly, GPU especially. Is all the hardware seated properly, the Ram and GPU etc.
    Take the side off when you boot it and watch to see if the CPU and GPU fans spin up or not. You should hear them in any case and you should hear the hdd spin up if you listen for it as well.
    Start with that and get back to us

    Mactronix :)
  6. Sorry for such bad information. yes I get a no video signal message, I have taken my pc apart and took it out the case and set it up on the table (anti static stuff below, just incase) and only used the neccessary components, but the only message i get is the no video signal, i also tried it through my tv, i noticed that when i let the tv go idle (unused) and then turn on the computer i get the no video signal right away on the tv, meaning it is picking it up but just not working somehow. Any ideas? Oh, also my computer has no front speaker, so I have no idea if it's trying to beep or anything.
  7. You can use some cheap speakers with the Audio out at the back if you want to get some sound out of it. you didn't say if the fans were spinning up or not, on the GPU/CPU/PSU. You have turned the PSU on haven't you ? Sorry but these things need checking :D small switch on the back of the PSU.

    Mactronix :)
  8. yeah im not very good at wording this out sorry, yes when i turn it on every fan spins, including the GPU, PSU, CPU and all case fans. Where would I plug in these speakers to get some sound from the pc? I thought only front panel speakers could do it, if that isn't the case where would the 3.5mm jack plug in to? Thank you for your time and patience.
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