8gb RAM, 3.99 usable

Windows 7 64 bit is showing that I have 8 gigs of RAM but only 3.99 usable. Ive got a MSI 970A-G45 mobo, x4 955 BE, 2x4gb 1333 ADATA RAM.

Ive tried the RAM is both blue and black slots but get the same results each time.
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  1. Sounds like you've got a bunch of ram that's been reserved by hardware.
  2. Sounds like you have got yourself the famous 4 GB out of n GB usable problem. I am pretty sure this question is asked at least once a day in this forum. Anyway, here you go:

    msconfig>boot>advances options

    untick maximum memory
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    Things to check:

    1.) Maximum Memory is unchecked. (msconfig ----> boot ----> advanced options)
    2.) Memory Remapping enabled in BIOS.

    Things to try:

    1.) Clear CMOS
    2.) Update BIOS
    3.) Reseat CPU (it has helped solve this type of problem before)
    4.) Make SURE that you are running 64-bit (Sorry, have to say it)

    Also, did you run memtest? If not you might want to run it for a few hours. Probably not the culprit here, but if nothing else is working then you might want to.
  4. no chance you're running a 32 bit os?
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  6. I went to reseat the cpu and found that one of the prongs was bent, so I RMA it. Got the new one and now I have full 8 gigs of RAM usable.
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