Need advice on new mid level gaming PC

I'm putting together a new gaming system. Will be used for applications as well and mainly Star Wars new MMO next year. Let me know your opinions, I cant go much about 1.6k which is where I'm at now.

Also give me your overclocking opinions. Should I? and if I should to what specs.

Motherboard - Gigabyte P55A

CPU - Intel I5 760 2.8 Ghz(Would like to overclock to 3.5 more than likely)

RAM - 4 sticks of Corsair XMS3 Dual Channel DDR3 2000 MHz 2gigs each(Total of 8 gigs)

Case - Coolermaster HAF X [...] =C283-2080

Cooling - Coolermaster Hyper 212 [...] =C283-2054

Video Card - Waiting for new line to come out, if I was goin w/ one today it'd be the MTX 470

Power Supply - OCZ StealthXStream 2 700W [...] =O261-6324

Hard Drive - Western Digital Cavier 500gb 7200 rpm [...] SD-500AAKS

If there is any changes you would make, please let me know. This totals to around 1.1k + Video card I think.

I very much appreciate the feedback and suggestions so far, thank you and keep them coming please.
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  1. If i understand u correctly: u need a normal 24/7 rig *now* and gaming only next year? Why not hit an IGP rig and hit a discrete later? HD 6K incoming as early as 19th of this month @@ Fermi's successor Kepler also in 2011
  2. Kepler.. yes

    And then after that Maxwell
  3. The V8 isnt an upgrade from the Hyper 212. Its more expensive because of the looks, not the performance.

    Make sure your motherboard has SATA3/USB3. Otherwise its an older model.

    Consider the i7 950. Or for pure gaming performance at a cheaper price look at going with an i5 760 and a P55 motherboard.
  4. Batuchka, If there was something big coming out that would be reasonable priced Id wait for that yea, I could get by 3-4 months with my current PC. Not familiar w/ the terms IGP and Discrete PC.
  5. There are new GPUs coming out in weeks. There are new CPUs coming out the beginning of next year.

    Batchka is suggesting you get a motherboard with onboard graphics (IGP/integrated) now so you have a usable computer and then buy a gaming graphics card (discrete) later. That doesnt make sense if you have a working PC now.
  6. If you wait a wee bit more then await developments/pricing for various hardware when the time comes then ^^
  7. Ok, Think I'll go w/ the i7 950. Stuck on which motherboard to use though
    As far as the i5 goes, it seems like a lot of the boards that support that socket dont support tri channel RAM.

    Also is 12gig of RAM overkill? should I just stick w/ 6 for now?
  8. The i7-9XX series uses triple channel, the 3-8XX use dual channel. They're pretty much the same in terms of performance, but the tri-channel can go up to 24GB. The i5-7X0 series beat the equivalently clocked 9XX in games.

    Really, 6GB is overkill for gaming.
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