Geforce 9600 vs geforce GT220

Hello, guys
I'm currently configuring my old PC
nd i want to buy a graphics card as a replacement for my old 8500 gt nd i have to options :
1- XFX Geforce 9600 gt 1gb
2- XFX Geforce GT 220 1gb
could u please help me out to find out witch one is better?
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  1. I Forgot something my current spec is:
    Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 2.93 @ 2.93
    Motherboard Gigabyte G31
    3 GB DDR 2 of RAM
  2. The 9600gt is way better than the gt go for the 9600gt
  3. absolutely 9600gt
  4. r u sure he 9600 gt is the better one even if it had a 512 memory..........
  5. Yes definitely it's better than the gt 220
    check by yourself,2646-7.html
  6. thanks man u really helped me out..........
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