Booting process is very slow

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  1. You have fingers dont you? So type in more details and your complete PC config.
  2. More importantly, is this a recent development or has it been going on for a while? The solution could be as simple as using HijackThis to stop programs from loading at boot time to reinstalling a clean version of your OS -- or a dozen things in between. We just need more information to help.
  3. Did you accidently press the "Post" button before you wrote anything!?
  4. try that - hope that fixes your problem
  5. Hey, give the guy a break. His computer's still booting up.
  6. Maybe he just used white font and the jokes on us :pt1cable:
  7. msconfig for windows. Disable all the programs you dont need during boot, they will start later when you need them. That is what I did, now my laptop boots pretty quickly. I dont know how to do it with other OS.
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