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Do you guys think it would be worth upgrading my mobo? Looking to get the best performance (FPS) out of my system, And I can't help but feel that something is bottlenecking it.

Or do you think upgrading my RAM is a better option since it is cheap A-data RAM (9-9-9-24)
My specs:

Intel i7 870
8GB DDR3 1333mhz
Seasonic 620W Modular PSU
Gigabyte HD 6950 OC 1gb
Arctic freezer Pro Rev.2
Intel 320 40gb SSD (OS)

CPU: 7.5
RAM 7.5
Both graphics 7.9
HD 7.4

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  1. i think no need upgrade .. your Score WEI is balance .. good score
    if you want upgrade just RAM maybe Corsair / GSkill Ripjaw
  2. WEI scores are a horrible reason to upgrade. What are your frame rates in games.
  3. If you want more FPS in games your best option is SLI if you can or go to a 2gb card. If you want improved load time you could go for a SandForce 2000 based SSD, however this shouldn't make much difference to FPS. As for memory I would suggest Corsair, Mushkin, Kingston, or OCZ.
    Your other parts are more then sufficient they aren't much of a bottleneck.

    For a little perspective my machine and WEI numbers.

    Primary Windows Machine:
    Intel i7-970 3.2Ghz Hexa-Core
    24gb Corsair Vengeance DDR3-1600 Triple Channel
    Asus Sabertooth X58
    2x Corasir F80 80gb RAID0 (Windows 7 Ultimate x64)
    2x Western Digital RE4 500gb RAID0 (Steam)
    2x Western Digital GP 3TB SATA3 RAID0
    1x Western Digital GP 500gb
    1x Western Digital AV 320GB
    Radeon 6950 (2gb)
    3x 1080 LCDs Eyefinity

    Processor 7.9
    Memory 7.7
    Graphics 7.9
    Gaming 7.9
    Primary Drive: 7.8
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