I can't format my drive?

I have a corrupted HD on my laptop that needs to be reformatted. It currently has two partitions, one created by the malware and the one I am in, which I have cleaned. I boot from my W7 repair disc, go to the command prompt and enter the command to format C (format c:/fs:NTFS) and it asks for the volume label, which I know since I got it from the same command prompt. The label is 'New', by the way. Short of a sledge hammer and buying a new drive, has anyone ever encountered this and can you tell me how to get around this? Thank you
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  1. do the complete format for a new install of win 7, do not use the repair.
  2. I must be missing something here.

    You state you have 2 partitions. I assume one is C and one is D and that you are working in one of them, which I assume is C as well.

    So when you boot off the repair CD you are trying to format the C drive, which is your system drive, Is that correct?

    So why are you attempting to repair a drive with a format as opposed to simply booting into windows (you say it works) and going to disk management to get rid of the malware partition. Which by the way, I dont think the repair options allows you to format the system partition you are trying to repair. I could be wrong though as I have never been silly enough or seen a need to try it this way.

    To me, if you want to reinstall, then start the Windows setup and then delete all the partitions and then create and format one for your install during that process.

    Otherwise, get combofix and run it on your machine. That should eliminate the malware and then you can use disk management to resolve your partition issues.
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