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8800 GTS - I need a replacement

Hi, all. After trolling the site every day, I decided to join, finally. I need a bit of an advice. I have a 2 year old rig and running pretty sweet.I plan on building a new system maybe sometime this winter. My current rig:

Athlon X2 4400+ Overclocked
8800 GTS- 320MB Video Card
Win 7 Ultimate
Im on a very limited budget right now, but I want to see if I can find a video card to replace mine for under 100$. I am happy with the 9800, but I can feel the size of the memory is really affecting performance in games.With the EPIC fall and winter in gaming this year, I need something with 1GB or more. Ive been looking at some HD 5550 for under 100$, but Im not sure it would perform any better. The Video card i will keep when building the new rig, but I want an early start and to breathe a lil more life into my aging system.
Is there any video card you guys would recommend that would give me better performance than my 8800 for under 100$?

Thank you
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  1. With the budget of 100$ ,hd 5670 will be good and will be exactly equal to 9800gt,but dx 11 and newer card makes it ahead of 9800gt.
  2. 9800 GTS- 320MB? Are you sure it's not an 8800GTS 320MB?
  3. My bad, 8800GTS 320MB, good catch, mousemonkey
  4. If its 8800gts, then hd 5670 under 100$ price is the ultimate solution for and it's way better than your card.,2569-6.html
  5. Thank u, rocky41

    Yeah, I was looking at some charts about the HD 5*** series and couldnt decide, wasnt able to compare side by side with my current since they're different generations. Anything out there from Nvidia, in that price range? Just asking, Ive been looking forward into trying an ATI card, since my last 4 were NVidia.
  6. I will tell about nvidia cards ,they are over priced and anything compared to this hd 5670 on nvidia will be costlier ...and hd 5670 from ati is really a great card uses less power and gives you an ultimate performance.Anything compared to this card under 100$ range i will not recommend from nvidia.
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    And also it is giving you dx 11 support that is more future proof ,if you want to get the dx 11 support from nvidia you have to chose gtx 400 series and that's way costlier then your budget.
  8. Perfect, so the hd 5670 it is.Thank you, kind sir.
  9. You are welcome buddy.
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