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Hi, this is my first time building a PC. I have a few newegg combos that I think are good, and I would like some opinions. Also, I need a decently price (read: cheap) motherboard to go with the processor and video card I have selected. Here are the bundles:

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. nice board with USB3 and SATA III

    It looks good to me man, but i would change the memory to this
    (faster.. way faster)
  2. The motherboard is a little bit more than I would like to spend, but who am I to know. I don't wanna get a piece of junk, but I'm on a fairly tight budget, so any other recommendations are welcome. Thanks for your answer though :D
  3. Its a pretty good motherboard, but its micro atx and has no expansion room.

    The ASRock 870 Extreme 3 is about the same price but would allow for a second graphics card as a future upgrade. You wont get a decent new motherboard below $85 or so.
  4. Well i'm not really the person to ask for "What motherboard" as everyone who has been around a long time knows, i give Asus, Gigabyte or MSI. No junk :P

    Eh... ASRock is.. iffy

    But for all means go for it at will.
  5. Mr Pizza said:
    Eh... ASRock is.. iffy
    ASRock is spotty. They have some cheap stuff and some bargain gems. The professional reviews all rate the ASRock 870 Extreme3 as one of the gems.
  6. Ok, with some advice I have revised my build and upped my budget slightly. Here is the full build.

    I think the DVD burner will be enough.. I assume it will play DVDs and CDs as well as burn them. Thanks for the input so far everyone, additional input is always welcome.
  7. Mr Pizza said:
    Dude, the ram is shite!!!!!!!!

    Corsair is top quality RAM, its just usually overpriced. Its OCZ RAM thats shite because it doesnt run at its rated specs.

    I do recommend the 1.35V Eco RAM you linked over the 1.65V Corsair, though. The motherboard is going to default to 1.5V and start whining when you manually force the DRAM Voltage over 1.64.
  8. Well it's C9.. ew
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