Need mobo suggestions (for i5 2500k) sub $130 for OC

Hey all, i'm undecided right now if i want to xfire/sli or not, so i need some recommendation for 1. A single gpu moboand 2. A xfire/sli one, both in the sub $ 130 price range.

A bit more info, planning to get a 2500k with hyper 212+ and oc it to 4+ (about 4.2?). Basically, up to the highest i can get away with, with that cooler and without severely cutting my cpu's lifespan. I am also a first time builder and overclocker, so if there are certain mobo that are newbie friendly, that would be better. Also not planning on getting an ssd (dunno if that matters). Only getting 1 hdd (maybe a second one in the future but doubtful) and only one media drive (dvd).

Well, that's all i can think of that could possibly be noteworthy to mention.

Ps. Please make one suggestion each (one for xfire/sli board and for a single gpu board)

Thank you
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  1. Quick questions,

    Would these statements be mostly true or mostly false:
    -z68 boards generally cost more than their p67 counterpart

    -if i get a non crossfire, non sli board, it will be cheaper than a similar board
    But with crossfire/sli

    Here's my dilemma. If i get a non crossfire mobo, i can use the money saved (assuming it's cheaper than a similar croaafire mobo) plus the money saved from a lower watt psu, to get a better gpu like a 6950 2gb.

    If i get a crossfire board (assuming it cost more), i have to get a crossfire ready pau also (higher watts so higher cost), i would only be able to afford a 6870. I would have the ability to buy another one a few months later when i have the money.

    Decisiona decisions.
  2. Those statements are pretty much true.

    Though the Z68 boards tend to be only a little bit more expensive - the only definitive cost increase is $5 to license the third party Virtu software. You can also probably find more deals on P67 boards than Z68 boards right now.

    In terms of Z68 vs P67, there is no huge benefit to going Z68 over P67 for gaming. The only boost you can get from Z68 is if you use the SSD caching - this can show you loading speed improvements for in game levels in games like SC2 and World of Warcraft (after the initial game load). There isn't any 3d benefit to the Z68 over the P67 for the most part - the boards tend to benchmark on a similar level.

    A third option is to just keep saving until you can get both GPUs at the same time :P
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