Intel i7= What AMD CPU?

Hi, I was wondering what AMD CPU is about the same as the Intel i7 or i5 CPU? I just want to build a good gaming pc but I don't want it to be too expensive and I know AMD is cheaper so I'm going with that over intel but I still want about the same power so if you know it would be great it someone could tell me.
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  1. Well it somewhat depends on the type of i7 or i5 CPU you're referring to. Because basically the Intel Core i7 920 is faster than any AMD CPU's that are currently out in most scenarios. Although AMD offers GREAT value CPU's so you're totally correct in you're line of thought. Basically AMD has some great deals on 6-Core CPU's at the moment. But keep in mind that AMD's CPU's are slower than Intel's as far as core to core comparisons...

    The AMD Phenom II X6 1050T is a GREAT value to say the least, although keep in mind it is actually still slower than say a Intel Core i7 920 or i7 930 for that matter in MOST benchmarks etc. Obviously though in Mutlithreaded type games/Applications etc the X6 does slightly better than the Intel Core i7 920, however though the i7 930 which recently replaced the i7 920 beat's the X6 1050T in most benchmarks period.

    Either way though if you let me know what your price point is, I'll be much more able to give you a general direction to go. Basically if you're wanting to spend roughly $500-$600 USD not including your operating system, then I'd recommend you buy a AMD Athlon II 645 which cost $120.00 on

    If you're wanting to spend about $800 though I'd recommend you buy one of AMD's hex core CPU's or possibly just buy a CPU from Intel's quad-core i5 CPU's ... Honestly if you're wanting to build AMD though the smartest thing to do is to go spend the money you save on your CPU on a SSD for your boot drive. You can get a SSD with a Sand-force memory controller for so cheap on Newegg right now that there is really no excuse not to do it.

    Anyways though just let me know exactly what you're wanting to spend on your build and I'll be able to provide a MUCH much more detail specific answer.
  2. I'm wanting to build a computer for about $800-$1000 for a gaming pc if you look at my post in the new builds thread in the systems category then youll see what things i already have listed to buy for it.
  3. I would build this if you plan to go Intel :) but if you'd rather stay AMD that's cool too bro. Uploaded with" class="img lazy">
  4. For a gaming PC, forget using any current 6 core. Wasted money.

    For $950 or so, you can build a tower with an i5 750, GTX 460. It is hard to find an AMD configuration that will out game that box at 1920 resolution. (The i7s cost more, and do not add enough "game" to justify.)

    For $850 you can take a small step down in frame rate, and run an AMD platform.

    Roughly speaking, those are the choices at your budget level. At lower budgets, or if your budget includes the monitor, then an AMD platform is the way to go.
  5. For gaming the processors are functionally identical, so IMO an x4 955/i5-760 with the best GPU you can fit in your budget is the way to go.
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