Power supply replacement?

Hey guys, I just purchased another GTX 460 for my tower and I haven't been able to run all my fans and my lcd display on the antec case after I switched connections.

it used to work fine if I plugged the second card to the shared molex conectors (linked with the fans, etc) and I used to overclock both 460s but then I read somewhere that that's not the best connection for performance,

when I use a 6 pin cable straight to the second card then 3 of my led fans will not run and if I plug them then the system boots up and dies 30 secs after booting, my question is should I replace my PSU? I have a OCZ 500w modxtream pro

I have EVGA SLI mother board,
Intel 920 i7
2 gigs Corsair
antec 902 case with 4 + 1 extra led fans.
SATA hard drive WD
1 dvd rw drive
1 small led fan monitor

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  1. I'm running mine off a Fatal1ty 550w with a lesser powered cpu than yours and I'm on the limit.

    The best way to run them is with 4xpci-e cables, if you use adapters you want one pci-e and one adapter in each.

    I think you should be looking at a 600w+ psu, these are all capable and in order of preferance.

  2. Thank you beanoslim, you are right I was reading Tom's guide and it says I need something around 650w to power 2 460s in SLI, I'll get one of those,

    right now I have card #1 on 2 pci express cables (one end with 8 pins and the other end 6 pin+2 pins unplugged

    2nd card is running on 2 pci express cables (6pin one end) connected and linked through molex adapters to the psu with the same 6pin on the other end,

    what I'm not sure... maybe I need to read a manual but I couldn't find one on the website, is the difference between the rails on that 500w psu, maybe that's why I cannot power everything as I used to do before I switched connections, but I'll be replacing that psu for sure.

    Thanks again
  3. You need to use 1x6pin and 1x molex adapter and 1x6+2pin and 1x molex adapter for each card so each card has a true pci-e connection but either way the psu upgrade is needed.

    With your setup you just haven't got enough watts to play with.
  4. the seasonic x-650w is VERY good but also VERY expensive...
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