Win 7 IDE to AHCI: nothing works!

Hi there ... I think I've read almost all of the threads I could find on this issue. The solution always seems to be the simple msahci reg fix. For whatever reason, the fix doesn't work for me. I can only boot in IDE.

Booting in IDE isn't a big deal, but I am planning to upgrade to an SSD in the next week and would like to transfer the OS and run in AHCI.

My old mobo tanked. So I purchased a new mobo/cpu and using the SATA drive with existing Win 7 64 Pro OS.

Asus P8Z77-V LK
3570K CPU
2 x SATA HD (1 = OS, 1 = storage)
1 X SATA Blu-ray burner

I edit the registry, reboot, set to AHCI, save BIOS . . . and Windows stops loading a Win 7 logo then goes to the repair or start normally screen. Go back to BIOS, switch to IDE and Windows boots no prob. Open registry and the changes I made to the msahci value are still at "0" rather than "3". Even though the drive is in IDE mode?

Anyone have any idea? Reinstalling the OS is a last resort. Failing any other ideas, do you think sysprep might work as shown in this guide:

Thanks for any help/suggestions!
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  1. UPDATE: None of the reg fixes worked, so I used Sysprep and now I can boot in AHCI ... finally. I'll have to reactivate the OS and a few other programs, but no biggie. Now I can transfer the install to a SATA III SSD without running in IDE.
  2. Congrats, but it's still never recommended to move an old install to a new SSD. Also, if it's an OEM copy of Windows they may not activate it on a new mobo.

    Good luck!
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