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Ok so i upgraded my memory from 2GB 800Mhz DDR2 to 2x 2GB 1333Mhz DDR3(Patriot Viper2 Sector5). I have Gigabyte P35C-DS3R mobo. Curently i have XP 32bit but i will install win7 64 bit, just as i know memory is set up corectly.
So now im a little bit concered if my memory is corectly set up, in cpu-z it says:

Does the memory needs to be configured because it says DRAM Fequency: 533.4Mhz, it should be 1333MHz. And the voltage i dont think it is allright :??:

Please help.
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  1. set the memory to xmp profile in the bios--it should set it automatically to 667 at 1.65v its double data rate so 667 x 2 is 1333mhz
  2. screens: -- -- --
  3. not sure--not familiar with your bios--usually under memory timings its got the option of auto--manual and xmp--sometimes its got xmp profile 1 and 2
  4. maybe i need to update bios, i have F2 version. Maybe it is the "High Speed DRAM DDL Settings: [Option 1] or [Option 2]"
  5. never seen High Speed DRAM DDL Settings in a bios before so dont think its that one--shouldnt need a bios update to change memory settings--the option should be in there somewhere--usually you find it by selecting the auto option then pressing enter to see the other options--ie manual and xmp
  6. would have thought system memory multiplier possibly--though have a look in integrated peripherals in case the chipset is covered in that

    just remembered some older gigabyte boards hide the advanced memory timings--not sure about yours--pressing something like f8 or ctrl and f8 brought up a section that was hidden
  7. f8 goes to Q flash, ctr+f8 did nothing. I changed system memory multiplier form "normal" to "4.0" (Options are from 2.40-4.0+) And then the memory frequency was 1333Mhz. is that ok?. If i then changed anything is system voltage control it says that voltage needs to be optimized.
  8. 1333mhz is right ram voltage should probably be 1.65v but there should still be a way to adjust the memory timings somewhere manually --like the cas settings ie 9-9-9 or 8-8-8
  9. just checked and it was ctrl and f1 not f8 that brings it up
  10. yes i just found the manual and looked and ctrl+f1 is for advanced options. Though there is no option for XMP profile, and i dont have the new tab fo "Top preformance", only some new settings for timings which are corectly given to 7-7-7-20. So far i have only changed system memory multiplier to 4.00(1333Mhz). BUT in "pc health status" it says that DDR voltage is "fail", incorrect.

    and CPU-Z says that timings are like this, when bios says that they are 7-7-7-20

    I am realy confused :sweat:
  11. what if i would set up ram setings with Gigabyte EasyTune 5 Pro? it has options for ram frequency and voltage.
  12. you can do it with easytune--but on my board it never loads the settings after the pc restarts so i only use it to test overclocking then set the values in the bios

    i am using easytune 6 but dont know if your board supports version 6
  13. Gigabyte P35c-DS3R DDR3 default voltage is 1.5V (go to gigabyte product page to check specs).
    JEDEC recomends 1.5V.
    XMP allows more or less safely (Idon't know) to automatically adjust some settings like timings AND voltage).

    What I know as well is that some RAM maunfacturers sell their RAM as tested for some given timings at 1.65V (going manual for it or using XMP).

    So the point is that your RAM is supposed to still be at 1.5V is you haven't changed the voltage increments while the timings you used maybe requires you to increase it.
    Badly, CPU-Z doesn't show RAM voltages.

    Hope that helps.
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