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Im building a new gaming PC and I am torn between the GTX480 and the HD5870. Both machines are going to cost about the same to build ($20 difference). My CPU is going to be an AMD X4-965BE. I do plan on going either SLi or Crossfire and have selected a mobo and power supply that will support the additional GPU. My question for all you tech-savy folks is: if you had a choice and could afford either, which would you choose and why? It appears that as of now, the 480 is just better than the 5870. I just need a little more insight as to why I should choose one over the other. Thanks!
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  1. If afraid for AMD there's no SLI/Crossfire solution, you get one or another.
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    Well if money is not a issue then gtx480 is faster and superior than 5870.Also u get cuda.physx.3d vision.And if u plan sli then nvidia will be the best option sli scales better than crossfire.

    Many thanks, that answered my question. Ive seen many charts/graphs etc etc that show how much better SLi scales than Crossfire does. Thanks again.
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