Dell optiplex gx280 psu upgrade?

I've had this system a few years now and carried out a few upgrades. As follows:
CDRW (still have the original cd rom in there too)
Soundblaster Audigy soundcard
Memory 1.25Gb
2nd 160Gb Hd
GeForce 7600GT 256mb PCI-E graphics card

An old system, I know but up til now its been absolutely fine for running what I need (mainly music related for my DJ work)
Just this week, it has taken to giving me a matrix-style display and shutting itself down. Have removed video card and it seems to have stopped.
I now have one or two deductions a) the psu has had enough!
b) the graphics card is faulty
given what I've read, I'm inclined to believe its more of a psu issue. If thats the case, what mods should I do to the case (its a tower) as I don't want to shell out megabucks for either another dell psu, or a new system.
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  1. Hi Minty and welcome to Tom's forum.

    Can you test the GPU in another rig? and test your rig with another PSU, don't care if fit or not, just to check if the PSU works.
  2. Thanks Saint
    I don't have another rig now since I bought a laptop, and annoyingly the one I had I'd fitted a 400w PSU in it. Will pop into PC world tomorrow and see if I can either have the card checked and/or pick up a psu
  3. do you have any bad capacitors on the motherboard?

    do you have the small or large version of this computer?
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