Second HDD Coming Up as Floppy A Drive

Okay ladies and gents I have an issue. I have a Abit 9N 32 Max mobo. My C drive is a sata hdd, and i also have a dvd burner connected to the ide interface. I have an older WD 100 gig hdd that I installed as a master running to the dvd which I switched to a slave drive. I booted up Win 7 and noticed it started installing the drivers for the ide hdd. When it did install, it came up as a Floppy Drive A:. Of course when I tried to check the drive it said insert floppy disk. I don't have a floppy drive in the system. Before I install Windows onto the ide drive I'd like to see whats on it first. It may of been my old Xbox drive but not sure. So any ideas on how get the computer to read the drive correctly? Thanks.
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  1. Make sure your HDD is on the end of the IDE cable and the DVD is in the middle connector. Also, double check that you set the jumpers to master for the HDD and slave for the DVD. Does your computer see the drive in BIOS?
  2. Yes, Bios recognizes the ide drive as master and the dvd as slave. Sata drive is on sata 3.
  3. Is the IDE cable you use for the DVD and 2nd hard drive a 40 wire cable or an 80 wire cable? You can tell the difference by looking closely at the individual wires in the ribbon cable. 40 wire cables look kind of big while 80 wire cables look almost smooth. 40 wire cables are OK for CD and DVD drives but you really need an 80 wire cable for a hard drive. Let us know...
  4. Looks like an 80 wire. I took a pic of it, but don't see an option to u/l to the post.
  5. Does the ribbon part look the same as the one on the 1st hard drive? If so it's probably 80 wire. Have you had any luck detecting the 2nd hard drive yet?
  6. No, first hdd is has a sata connection. Computer recognizes the drive in Bios but Windows 7 still shows it as a Floppy Drive. Check your PM.
  7. A little more info on the issue...bios shows a floppy drive detected as well. So I disabled the floppy in bios, booted up Win7 and the floppy drive was gone but it also changed my dvdrw to a cd rom. It wouldn't read any discs. So I re-enabled the floppy in bios, booted Win and floppy drive reappeared as well as dvdrw.
  8. Have you looked at your motherboard site for a BIOS update? That could be the problem.
  9. Abit went out of business. I do believe I have the last bios update they released. I'll double check.
  10. Oh, yeah. Rest in peace, Abit. I hope you find a newer version because I suspect that is your problem. Otherwise just get a SATA drive and recycle your old ide in another build...
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