Compatability of i7 on gigabyte

I know that this could sound like a stupid question but I am confused.

I am considering upgrading to a Gigabyte GA-x58A-UD3R motherboard and a i7 950.
now the i7 is listed as a i7/Nehalem 950 procesor now I know that the Nehalem is the chip name but Gigabyte doesn't list it as a compatable procesor, they only list the Bloomfield i7-950 as compatable.
Is this a typo on the resellers side and if it isnt will the chip work with the mobo?
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  1. It's compatible. That's not a typo,Nehalem and Bloomfield 950 are the same CPU.
  2. ok tnx

    Just to clarify it Bloomfield is Basicaly the codename and Nehalem is the architecture that is used in the bloomfield or am i confused again :heink:
  3. Yes
    Nehalem is the microarchitecture and Bloomfield is one of its codenames
  4. tnx
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