Help updating BIOS (P8Z68-V Pro)

I am currently using the 0501 Bios, i have downloaded the 0606 bios update from the Asus website but everytime i try to run the installer it it just tries to install/update intel smart response technology? I have updated that and i have attempted with it running and with it disabled but still cant install the new bios! :( Any one know whats going on? I would prefer to update my bios through my OS as i have had very little experience working with bios, i have recently completed my first build and i have updated all my drivers etc but this wont seem to work? :(

I also am having issues with installing the drivers for my iGPU to work... This isnt a problem as i am happy running completely from my GTX580 but i tried to install lucid virtu and it said i didnt have a compatible GPU (iGPU) so i downloaded the drivers for it and it says my hardware is not compatible? (I have an i7 2600K)

Thanks for any help

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  1. As far as your BIOS goes - why do you want to update it?

    And secondly : Did you ensure to update Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver to version and BIOS to
    version 0606 before enabling Intel Smart Response Technology?

    EDIT : Are you certain that your graphics card /integrated graphics are able to work in hybrid mode? I refer you to the following: AND:
  2. Well i am assuming it will be better? I know thats not always the case but ive seen nothing to put me off the newer version.

    Maybe your onto something there... I think i have been assuming they are both the same... Should i try this then...

    Disable/Uninstall Smart Response - Update Rapid Storage - Then install bios update?

    Also which of these 2 technologies should i disable if im not using an SSD or RAID etc... I just have a 1TB HDD, i know i dont need one of them enable but which one?

  3. ISRT is used when you have a mechanical HDD and an SSD - the idea is that you can use SSD smart caching to speed up the performance of your mechanical HDD - if you are not using an SSD - you don't require ISRT - and in fact it is pointless. Unless something's changed that I don't know about.

    Anyway, your concern now is the BIOS:

    Uninstall IRST, hopefully that will leave a clear path and your BIOS won't complain.

    EDIT : I would add that whilst a new BIOS feature may improve performance - you should check that it improves the performance of YOUR computer. The BIOS can be a tricky thing at the best of times (I can't access mine at the moment - currently in a thread somewhere below this one) and should only be updated/flashed if you have made a backup of the original.
  4. Okay thanks! Im in work at the moment when i get home tonight i will try it and let you know how it goes :)
  5. When you update the BIOS I recommend : Going into the BIOS/UEFI and update it via EZ Flash. You can use a USB stick with the update on it but also have another stick to copy your current version - in case there is a failure.

    After it's done, simply go back into the BIOS, load optimized defaults, restart, and then make any changes you had in the BIOS.
  6. Okay i will try that then, from what ive read this new bios makes it pretty easy to flash so why not give it a try :) Thanks again
  7. I used the EZ Flash method it worked no problems.
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