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Hello everybody,

I have recently bought a new TV PANASONIC TX-L32U10E and I tried to connect it to my laptop FUJITSU/SIEMENS AMILO Pi2540.

My TV is full HD, so it has 2 HDMI plugs, but my laptop has not, so I bought a DVI-HDMI cable to connect them. The result is the video is displayed on the HDMI channel, but there is no audio.

Then, I bought an audio cable and tried to connect it from the headphone jack of my laptop to the AUDIO-IN jack on the back of the TV. Now I have the audio, but it is on the COMPONENT channel!

So practically, if I connect my laptop to my TV, audio and video go to 2 differents channel: HDMI for the video, COMPONENT for the audio. That I means I have to choose either to watch or listen to a movie!

Why does it work like this? Is there any way to have audio and video on the same channel!
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  1. You could get an DVI+Audio to HDMI cable, or use VGA as the video in.

    TVs do this because they assume HDMI includes audio and you wont want to listen to your TV while gaming.
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