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I am having a bear of a time getting my computer mounted in a new case. I purchased an h50 because my bigtyphoon hit the case fans. I mounted the h50 radiator to the exhaust fan and switched the fan so it would blow air into the radiator. So the exhaust fan is now a push and the top fan is now a pull. All the fans are spinning properly now. I plugged the pump power into pwr_fan 3 prong power spot on the motherboard. The way my case is wired I cannot plug the exhaust fan into the CPU Fan 3 prong power spot on the motherboard.

Anyway, my computer won't let me format. It keeps freezing up on detecting drives. I checked the HardwareMonitor on my Asus P5n-D and it says the CPU is running at 90c!

I am thinking I have a thermal problem that is ruining my ability to format the drives in the windows setup. How can I check to see if the water is actually circulating, or if the hwmonitor is not reporting correctly.
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  1. I tried plugging the pump into the cpu_fan three prong connector, and I believe I feel water movement, but the HWmonitor still reports 90 degrees C. What could possibly be wrong? Everything is secured and tight. Corsair is going to RMA the h50 for me but it seems to be pushing water around. Any ideas?
  2. I don't know about the H50 but sounds like your cpu is overheating and shutting down.

    I wouldn't keep running it at that heat for risk of permanent damage.

    Only thing to suggest is check all fitting instructions and have you applied thermal paste properly??

    Can you put the Big Ty back on with the side off to check its temps through HWmonitor?
  3. The h50 comes with its own thermal paste already equipped. I made sure to completely remove the old thermal paste left over from the big typhoon. There's no way to remove the thermal bracket tube thing from the BT, but when I get home I'm going to try rotating the BT to fit. I followed the fitting instructions to the letter. It seems very tight.
  4. Does it have a thermal pad attached?

    I've never used an H50 but I did read somewhere else about someting to do with rotating the cpu mount, something to do with the pressure created but I can't remember much more than that.

    Its either a simple thing you've overlooked or its a faulty unit I would think.

    Totally off topic but how about this for your Avatar Mr Waffles :lol:

  5. Greatest Avatar ever. Thanks for the link but I think everything is in the right position.
  6. I think I may have solved the problem. I checked the mounting job and it was tight as could be. The water block would not budge. I figured I would take it apart and see if the thermal paste had made contact. It did so I was discouraged. I decided to hook it all back up and just tighten the block down as hard as I could. My CPU went down to 40 degrees and has stayed there ever since.

    The over heating problem was keeping me from formatting my 500 gig drive. When I tried the second time to format I used a 1TB drive, but windows could not detect it. I hooked the 500 gig drive back up, windows found it, and is currently installing. Everything should be fine now. Talk about compounding problems! I even had to turn off the 1.44 floppy in the bios in order to get windows to the drive detection screen.
  7. So have you re-applied thermal paste or is it a pad, the paste would do a better job.

    Still don't understand the drive business?
    What OS are you installing?
    Are both the drives SATA drives?

    Check your cpu temps under load by running Prime95 with HWmonitor installed and open.
    Run it for 10 mins and watch the temps, if it hits 80-90C again you still have a problem.

    Do you have Speedstep or Cool n Quiet enabled in your bios and can you connect the H50 fan to a pwm fan slot?
  8. The h50 comes with thermal paste already applied, so I just used that.

    I am installing Windows 7 x64 Ultimate. Both drives are sata, but only the 500 gig one is recognized. I originally thought something was wrong with the drive because it wouldn't format, but that was due to over heat freezes. Now that the system is running cool I am trying to install windows, but windows is being a pain in the ass and refusing to finish the installation.

    I have both speedstep and cool n quiet disabled and the h50 is connected to the cpu_fan slot running at 1366 RPM (at least according to the bios).

    When I said it was running hot according to HWMonitor, I meant the bios HardwareMonitor, not HW Monitor the program (as I don't even have a windows to boot to). As soon as I have a working Windows partition I will take up your advice and run prime95 with HWmonitor running.
  9. Thats whats confusing me you see you can't re-use thermal paste. If you have removed the heatsink you should re-apply the thermal paste as per instructions.(Previous link)

    If the 1Tb drive had a previous version of Windows on I have found that can cause an issue sometimes, once you load into Windows format the drive from within Windows.

    Speedstep is Intel cpu's Cool n Quiet is AMD so its one or the other. So if you have it disabled the fan will run at full speed constantly, after checking temps you may want to turn it on to reduce the noise.

    Glad your getting somewhere.
    It seems to me though you could reduce temps further with a decent application of thermal paste like AS5. :D
  10. I ran HWMonitor with Prime95 running and the system froze, but the HW Monitor never reported temperatures above 40 C. This is after the system froze 4 times during Windows 7 installation. I cannot catch a break.

    So now the HWMonitor is reporting low temperatures but the machine is still freezing constantly. I updated the p5n-d bios to 1401 as recommended by others and I have the same problem. I am going to go buy a new CD Drive and reformat again in an attempt to get a good install.
  11. So my machine keeps crashing after reformat, even though the motherboard's hardwaremonitor is reporting like 30C. I went out and bought a new SATA DVD Rom to replace my old IDE CD Drive hoping it would allow for a better install. Well, it installed Windows just fine without a single crash, but after 5 minutes of use windows freezes! I cannot figure it out. It doesn't seem to be a thermal problem.

    I even updated by Asus P5n-d bios to 1401.
  12. Well I would say that theres something up with your h50 install that concerns me. I have used h50' s in two computers, and never had issues with overheating anytime. Also its not necessarily the best idea to bolt anything down "as hard as possible" in a computer for two reasons. One is potentially damaging something and two, what if you need to get the darn thing apart?
    So the computer managed to get through an entire windows install but freezes running windows. Weird for sure.... Also is it a literal 5 minute thing, meaning can you time it and roughly after it being on for x time?
  13. The machine has been crashing on boot (after it tried to do a system update), and sometimes won't boot at all. I ran Seagate's Seatools and did a long check. When the results finally were ready I went to click on it and a bunch of random characters, like smilies and upside down hearts and arrows appeared on the screen and it cold locked. I ran a quick scan and it did not detect any problems on the disk. I rebooted to safe mode, installed the nforce motherboard drivers, and rebooted the system to normal windows. Now I am running Prime95 with HWmonitor open waiting to see if the crash is timed to a temperature, but it has not crashed yet. It's been longer than 10 minutes and my temperature is at 44C. I'm going to bed and will check on it in the morning.

    <EDIT> Also I have two EVGA Nvidia Geforce GTX 460 SE 's. I intend to run SLI, but in the meantime I just want Windows to work. I swapped out the one I was using with other before running the prime95 test. I'm going to swap them back out in the morning and run the test again and see if it crashes.

    <EDIT> Right as I was going to bed the machine crashed again with HWMonitor reporting 45 C. How does a machine crash with a fresh install when there's not a heating problem? I am so discouraged.
  14. List you full system specs please, I hate to say it but you may have damaged your cpu. :(

    Is everything on default settings, i.e multipliers, ram timings etc.

    You still haven't cleared up my thermal paste or pad on the H50 Q??
  15. My system is running stock with no over clock.

    Asus P5n-D Nvidia SLI Motherboard
    Core2Quad (I forget which Enumber) at 2.66
    4 Gigs G. Skill DDR2-1066 PC2-8500 (two sticks at 2 GB each)
    Silencer 750 EPS12V QUAD/RED
    EVGA Nvidia GTX 460 SE
    500 GB Seagate Barracuda SATA drive

    Everything is the same as it was on my old machine except the 460 (I previously had a 280 GTX) and the H50 cooler.

    I haven't messed with the thermal paste because I'm terrified to unhook the h50 and have it not work again.

    I ran another seatools check over night and the drive passed.
  16. The max temp for the C2Q 2.66 models is around 70C, if you've been running it at 90C for any period of time..

    If it was me I would do this.

    1.Remove the H50 and clean everthing off the H50 heatsink and cpu with something like Arcticlean.
    2.Get a different heatsink on there stock or BT using the AC guidelines and some decent thermal paste.
    3.Run some stress tests OCCT 1 hr, P95 8hrs and loop 3D Mark until it passes anything you throw at it.

    If it crashes under OCCT or P95 downgrade the RAM speed to eliminate that and concentrate on the cpu and temps.
    Also try if needed manually setting the cpu voltage and even increasing to get it to pass but watch your temps.

    4.Switch the H50 back on knowing that the machine is stable without it.

    It may seem long winded but you need to find some stability without the complication of the H50.
  17. What's OCCT? I am currently running Memtest86+ on the machine.
  18. OCCT is a stress test that targets cpu and ram but only takes 1hr, it will also monitor your temps while running.

    You want 10 passes on memtest without any red lines but that doesn't mean it'll pass the other tests.
    Some say 10 hrs on memtest but if it passes an hr of occt its pretty stable IMO.
  19. If the machine passes Memtest does that mean the cpu is not damaged? I cannot even run prime95 long enough to get the cpu over 44C because of the freezes. The constant freezes makes it impossible to test anything from the windows environment and it looks like OCCT runs from windows. Is there a way test the cpu other than taking it out and replacing it with another?
  20. No, memtest targets the ram not the cpu, I would start with my other suggestions to try and get it going.
  21. Update:

    I took out the sound card. Used Seatools to do a full erase (took 5 hours). I reformatted with the newly erased drive. Windows has been running Prime95 for an hour now and the temperature has not risen above 48 C. Maybe this is success...
  22. Drive sector error? Sounds better now then, did the drive have a previous version of windows on it?

    Thats a nice temp, anything around 60C's good, throw all the other tests at it anyway. [:bohleyk:1]
  23. I got it working with the sound card. Not sure what I did to fix it all. I guess doing a full zero format on the seagate helped. Now I have my Q8400 overclocked to 3.1 from 2.6 stable at 54C. Curious, can a Core2Quad Q8400 at 3.1ghz bottle neck two GTX 460 se's in SLI?
  24. Nice, sorry I don't know, ask in the overclocking graphics forum and find a bottlenecking expert. :D

    Are you going to upload the waffle man?
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