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So I know one of the advantages ATI has over Nvidia is the Eyefiniti support, which treats 3 (or up to 6 monitors) as one, and that Nvidia can't do that.. Does this mean Nvidia doesn't have multiple monitor support (or that it's limited to only two), or does it mean that Nvidia can also have 6 monitors but I just doesn't treat them as one?
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  1. In Fact, Nvidia does support 3 monitors as one but it requires an SLI setup to do so.

    To answer your other question, if you have two GTX 285's with two DVI outputs each, you can use 4 monitors...
  2. Nvidia calls it 3D Vision surround(although you can use 3 monitors in 2D)
    It is limited to 3 monitors though, not 6, and as jon said you need to have an SLI setup(or a GTX 295 with the right outputs);
  3. and with a regular card like the 220 or 240 gt, can I have two monitors, or I need a high end one?
  4. Support for two monitors is standard for video cards and has been for many years.
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